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Product ID: HP Pavilion DV6000 DV6100 DV6200 DV6300 DV6400 DV6500 Series Laptop LCD Screen Hinges Set

Specification: Left & Right Hinge set For 15.4" Display

Unit: Pair (Left one & Right one)

P/N: 432298-001

Type:Laptop lcd hinges

Condition: Brand New

Warranty:12 Months

Fit Model:
HP Pavilion DV6000 Series:
DV6000 CTO DV6000t CTO DV6000z CTO DV6040, DV6040CA, DV6040US DV6045, DV6045NR DV6058, DV6058CL

HP Pavilion DV6100 Series:
DV6100 CTO DV6102, DV6102OD DV6103, DV6103NR DV6105, DV6105CA, DV6105US DV6107, DV6107US DV6108, DV6108NR DV6109, DV6109OM DV6110, DV6110CA, DV6110US DV6113, DV6113CA, DV6113US DV6115, DV6115CA DV6119, DV6119US DV6120, DV6120CA, DV6120US DV6125, DV6125OM, DV6125SE DV6128, DV6128OD DV6129, DV6129US DV6130, DV6130CA, DV6130US DV6131, DV6131OD DV6135, DV6135CA, DV6135NR DV6139, DV6139US DV6140, DV6140CA, DV6140US DV6149, DV6149US DV6150, DV6150US, DV6150CA DV6165, DV6165CL DV6171, DV6171CL DV6174, DV6174CL, DV6174CA

HP Pavilion DV6200 Series:
DV6205, DV6205US, DV6205CA DV6206, DV6206US DV6208, DV6208NR DV6209, DV6209US DV6213, DV6213CL DV6215, DV6215US, DV6215CA DV6216, DV6216OM DV6225, DV6225US DV6226, DV6226US DV6227, DV6227CL DV6235, DV6235US, DV6235NR, DV6235CA DV6236, DV6236US DV6243, DV6243CL DV6244, DV6244US DV6245, DV6245US, DV6245CA DV6246, DV6246US DV6247, DV6247CA, DV6247CL DV6253, DV6253CL DV6255, DV6255US, DV6255CA DV6256, DV6256US DV6263, DV6263CL DV6275, DV6275US

HP Pavilion DV6300 Series:
DV6305, DV6305US, DV6305CA DV6306, DV6306RS DV6307, DV6307CA DV6308, DV6308CA, DV6308NR DV6315, DV6315CA DV6324, DV6324US DV6325, DV6325US, DV6325CA DV6326, DV6326US DV6327, DV6327CA, DV6327CL DV6335, DV6335US, DV6335CA DV6337, DV6337CL, DV6337US DV6345, DV6345US DV6353, DV6353US, DV6353CA, DV6353CL DV6355, DV6355US, DV6355CA DV6363, DV6363CA DV6365, DV6365US DV6375, DV6375US

HP Pavilion DV6400 Series:
DV6400, DV6400 CTO DV6401, DV6401CA DV6402, DV6402CA DV6403, DV6403CL DV6404, DV6404CA DV6405, DV6405US, DV6405CA DV6406, DV6406CA, DV6406NR DV6408, DV6408CA, DV6408NR DV6409, DV6409US, DV6409CA, DV6409WM DV6410, DV6410CA DV6415, DV6415US, DV6415CA DV6416, DV6416CA DV6423, DV6423OM DV6424, DV6424CA DV6425, DV6425US, DV6425CA DV6426, DV6426US DV6428, DV6428CA DV6433, DV6433CL DV6435, DV6435CA DV6436, DV6436NR DV6445, DV6445US DV6446, DV6446US DV6447, DV6447OM DV6448, DV6448SE DV6449, DV6449US DV6450, DV6450US DV6451, DV6451US DV6458, DV6458SE DV6470, DV6470US

HP Pavilion DV6500 Series:
DV6560, DV6560US DV6563, DV6563CL DV6565, DV6565US, DV6565CA DV6567, DV6567CL DV6570, DV6570US DV6573, DV6573CL DV6575, DV6575US, GA404UA

432298-001 HP Pavilion DV6000 DV6200 Laptop LCD Screen Hinges Warranty:

1. 100% Q.C. of 432298-001 HP Pavilion DV6000 DV6200 Laptop LCD Screen Hinges.
2. Guaranteed to Meet or Exceed Original Specifications.
3. Items are usually shipped within one business day of payment receipt.
4. Full 1 Year Warranty.
5. 30 Days Money Back.
6. Shipping Worldwide.

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